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Knaresborough Anglers’ Club is one of the premier game angling clubs in Yorkshire. Established in 1875, it has consistently provided top-quality trout and grayling fishing on the River Nidd

There is a thriving population of native brown trout and grayling throughout the stretch of river. The river trout season is from 25th March to 30th September, with grayling fishing extending through the winter until the end of the coarse season in March.

In addition to the facilities on the River Nidd, the club offers still-water angling on its own lake at Appleby Carr and thereby offers its members full year-round fly fishing for trout.

The Club is at the forefront on environmental river management issues, leading local campaigns on water quality, invasive species and promoting good fishery management practices. We truly believe that we are merely custodians of the river for generations to come, and act accordingly. 




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